Vishakapatnam Port Authority

Booth Number - MT-C30

Address: Vishakapatnam Port Authority, Port Area, Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh, 530035.

Tel: +91 9848019360





About Vishakapatnam Port Authority: 

Port of Visakhapatnam is one of the leading major ports of India. It is located almost midway between Kolkata on the North and Chennai towards the South on the East Coast. The ideal position of the port provides it with the advantage of facilitating “Act East Policy”. The port contributes significantly to the maritime trade with the economies in the Asia and the Asia Pacific regions at economic cost besides economies in the Persian Gulf, Europe, Americas, and Africa.
The Port of Visakhapatnam is notified as a Gateway port for the EXIM cargo of Nepal. VPA has capacity to handle more than 136.39 million tonnes per annum, it is capable of handling all types of cargoes including iron ore, coal, crude oil, petroleum products, LPG, fertilizers, dry cargoes, liquid cargoes, and containers.


Few Services Vishakapatnam Port Authority deals in :

    1. Inner harbour facilities
    2. VGCB – Mechanized Coal Terminal
    3. EVTPL – Mechanized Iron Ore Terminal
    4. VCTPL – Deep drafted Container Terminal
    5. VSPL – Semi Mechanized Multicommodity Terminal